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Training / Courses

In addition to industrial/product design education, EiD has an education and background as an arts and crafts/media & communication teacher. Most of the courses are taught within "Services", which you can find on the front page.

EiD has experience in teaching both at secondary schools and colleges/universities. There is a vast ocean out there of various 3D programs, machines and scanners. EiD's specialty is the overview and knowledge of various technologies for your specific needs. Don't risk spending a lot of time and effort on a program that turns out not to give you the desired result.


 Get in touch for a tailored plan either at your school/workplace or here at course center!


Through the operation of both Gjøreredet and Fårebygget (see link below), EID has access to 1400m2 with excellent room for training both in 3D on computers, and through "Hands on" on machines. 

Do-it-yourself is great if you need a few days to create a prototype for your idea. Here you get access to many machines and 3D printers, as well as accommodation.  



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